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hoctinhoc 14-04-2015 04:19 PM

Các bước cài đặt Sophos UTM High Availability Setup
Các bước cài đặt Sophos UTM High Availability Setup

When I first tried to setup Sophos UTMs for HA (then Astaro ASGs) I had some difficulty figuring out the proper order and steps required.
To simplify the process for others here are the steps, it is really quite easy…
If you are setting up new units from scratch
  1. Complete the license registration on the my.astaro.com page.
  2. Cable and power on your first node.
  3. Complete the setup wizard, installing your license file
  4. Finish setting up your first node with the rest of your UTM configuration (refer to my best practice notes for inspiration).
  5. Cable the second node the same as the first and connect the two units via CAT5e cable plugged into eth3 on both units.
    • The cable does not need to be a cross-over, nor does it need to connect to a switch.
  6. Power on the second node and watch the status in the live log – available under Management>High Availability>Status
  7. Wait – the initial sync will take a few minutes, it is done when both nodes show a status of Active in the status column of the Status page.
  8. Perform any firmware updates.
  9. Test…
If you are adding a second unit to an existing environment you can skip the first 4 steps, but make sure the new unit is not running a newer firmware than the one in production.


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