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Tuổi 24-06-2020, 11:09 PM   #1
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How to change default gateway in registry
This issue has been observed after installing Windows server 2008 SP2 RTM version. It can be fixed in the following manner:
  1. Open the registry with regedit.exe.
  2. Go to the path: HKLM/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/Tcpip/Parameters/Interfaces/
  3. Here you will need to select the CLSID of your network adapter where you change the configuration. You can recognize it by looking at the value of the IP address that will have the IP of this adapter.
  4. You should see the DefaultGateway and DefaultGatewayMetric registry keys.
    NOTE: If you do not see these keys, create them manually as Multi-String Value type, and assign correct values, and reboot. It should resolve the issue.
  5. Open the value DefaultGateway by double-clicking it. You will see a list of all the gateways that disappeared. The first line will be empty. If you manually remove this first empty line, click OK, and reboot your system.
    The issue will be fixed.
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