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PBX in a Flash
PBX in a Flash

Giới thiệu các bạn một bảng dựng sẳn của Asterisk đó là PIAF. Dể chịu hơn TB và Elastix, nó chỉ đơn giản cài sẳn CentOS Server, Asterisk, FreePBX, Webmin và một số tool hỗ trợ network.

Mục tiêu ứng dụng:

- Xây dựng mạng ĐT nội bộ
- Ứng dụng các dịch vụ của một tổng đài điện thoại (xem các tính năng trong FreePBX).
- Tạo các hướng cuộc gọi.
- Audio Conference phone.
- Video phone
- Ứng dụng VoiP cho teleworker.
- Ứng dụng SugarCRM trong quản lý thông tin khách hàng, lịch làm việc, dự án... đặc biệt là ứng dụng tính năng tương tác giữa SugarCRM và Asterisk.

If you've longed for the good ol' days of Asterisk@Home, welcome back to the new steroid-enhanced version. PBX in a Flash is the Lean, Mean Asterisk Machine designed to meet the needs of hobbyists as well as business users and VARs. You'll have a high-performance turnkey Asterisk PBX that's easy to upgrade with dozens of add on scripts to provide virtually any feature you can imagine. And you can choose from tons of Nerd Vittles and FreePBX applications that install in under 15 seconds: AsteriDex, Weather Reports, News Feeds, Email by Phone, Telephone Reminders, and many more. You add features when you need additional functionality. Otherwise, Just Say No to Bloatware!
On behalf of the PBX in a Flash Development Team, we want to welcome you to the world of PBX in a Flash. We've tried to collect in one place everything you will need to create your own PBX in a Flash system in under an hour! Once you have your system installed, you'll have a fully functional server with the CentOS 5.x Linux operating system including an Apache web server, a SendMail server, a MySQL database server, an IPtables firewall, PHP, and WebMin plus Asterisk 1.4, FreePBX, phpMyAdmin, and more. You'll then be ready to choose (or not choose) from dozens of Add-On's that make PBX in a Flash a unique offering in the IP telephony marketplace. There's the Asterisk 1.6 beta, automatic backups, CallerID lookup services, X-Windows, SSL Keys, Gtalk, Cepstral with Allison for text-to-speech applications, fax support, and on and on. If you don't need the extra features, don't load 'em. But every Add-On is designed to install with one click in under a minute! For some applications, you may have to perform a bit of customization, but we've strived to make that an easy process with excellent documentation. What really separates PBX in a Flash from the competition is its painless upgradeability... and our #1 Goal is No Bloat, No Bugs! Whether it is the underlying CentOS operating system, the Asterisk telephony platform, the FreePBX web-based user interface, or Bug Fixes, upgrades are always one button click away. Enjoy and welcome to the PBX in a Flash family!

Mô hình thử nghiệm

Installation Tips for Newbies

A Quick Primer on Installing PBX in a Flash
Our tutorials provide step-by-step installation and configuration instructions for PBX in a Flash. But we thought a thumbnail sketch might be helpful to those just getting started. So here is the Baker's Dozen Drill:
  • ISO Download - Download the PBX in a Flash ISO image from one of our sponsored Download Sites.
  • Creating a CD - Using your favorite CD Burner Software, create a CD from the downloaded ISO image.
  • Virtual Machine - PBX in a Flash can be run on your Windows or Mac Desktop using VMware or Parallels. Here's how.
  • Hardware - We recommend a dedicated PC. Here's a $199 system that's perfect for home or small office use. We use it.
  • Time Matters - Be sure the time is correctly set on your machine before you begin the installation, or portions of the install will fail.
  • Basic Installation - On a dedicated machine connected to the Internet, insert the CD and reboot. Remove CD when prompted.
  • Update CentOS by "yum -y update"
  • Update FreePBX by Module Admin
  • Updates - At a minimum, log into your system as root and run update-scripts then update-fixes. For the latest Asterisk source, run update-source.
  • Update Webmin read at Trixbox - Install Webmin
  • Documentation - Now's a good time to type help-pbx and read the first two docs for PBX in a Flash. Take the third one to your bedside table.
  • Install & Download codec G.729, G.723 Free, Readme first and read more at Codec G.729 & G.723 free
  • Install Digium G.729 with licenses - Read at Digium G.729
  • Install OSLEC for Zap card read at Open Source Line Echo Canceller
  • Install SugarCRM at Trixbox 2.4 - Install SugarCRM
  • Final Setup - Once the installation completes in about 30 minutes, reboot the system and do the four things outlined in the this article.
  • Configuring FreePBX - Reboot your system once again and set up FreePBX following the directions in the Nerd Vittles article.
  • Setting Up Phones - Download one of the numerous soft phones for testing and then install telephone instruments. Read more at Trixbox - Softphone andTrixbox - IP Phone
  • Choosing Providers - To make calls outside your PBX, you're going to need one or more hosting providers. Start here.
  • Add-Ons - Visit our Scripts Site. Choose and download the additional features to add to your PBX in a Flash system.
  • Participate & Learn - Become part of our PBX in a Flash community. Visit Nerd Vittles and the PBX in a Flash Forum.
  • Legal - What You Can and Can't Do With Our Applications. It's all GPLv.2 unless otherwise stated.
1. Phần Cứng:

Sip Sever:
Intel P4 3G
Mainboard Intel 945
KingMax 2*1G DDR2, Bus533
Seagate 80G SATA HDD
Seagate 40G ATA HDD
Intel 10/100 NIC

- Card X100P FXO, giá bán ở đây ~ 120us/4card & free shipping. Xem hướng dẫn cài đặt
- Draytek Modem ADSL 2600plus, giá bán 96us, nơi bán An Phát
- Linksys SPA 3102 1FXS/1FXO (Gateway), giá bán ~ 125us, nơi bán Tân Niềm Tin
- Patton SmartNode 4658 ( )
- Linksys Wireless WRT 54GC, giá bán ~ 54us, nơi bán Tân Niềm Tin
- Analog Phone, giá bán ~10us
- ClearOne Max IP và ClearOne Max EX (conference phone), giá bán ~700us, nơi bán Vitec JSC
- Nokia E61 Mobilphone, giá bán ~300us
- Webcam Logitech, giá bán ~35us

2. Phần mềm:

- Download và cài đặt Webmin, WinSCP, PuTTY
- Download SoftphoneEyebeam
- Download Softphone SJPhone
- Download Softphone Zoiper IAX

3. Dịch vụ VoIP:
- Voice 777
- Sipgate
- Sipphone

4. Configuration FreeBPX - Read this first!5. FaxThanks

Theo: 04hcb

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