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Tuổi 26-11-2015, 11:44 AM   #1
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Good day! All…
HP starting this year for updating Firmware/BIOS using HP SPP pack have moved away from GUI to web based. So there was lot of confusion with updating Firmware with some folks but after using for quite some time I would say this web based is pretty easy to use and is web friendly..
I will show here steps to follow for updating a Firmware for any HP Blade/Physical Servers..


  • Download the HP SPP ISO from HP website and extract it to a folder
  • I just extracted the June 2014

  • Browse to the following path and double click HPSUM.bat file..
D:\HP_Service_Pack_for_Proliant_2014.06.0_784915_0 01_spp_2014.06.0-SPP2014060.2014_0618.4\hp\swpackages
  • Depending on the OS Version 32/64 bit Server you are executing the HPSUM batch file that exe will be executed…

  • Because I am executing on a 64 Bit Blade Server the batch file executed hpsum_bin_x64.exe and a Browser with local host has been opened.

  • You can click on Get started as below if you want to run SPP against the local Server, but as we want to use this Server Patch Firmware for all HP Hardware we will not click Get Started..

7. Instead we click on the down arrow on the left side corner for web browser as below

8. Click on Baseline Library and this will take you to something similar as below

9. Click on Add Baselines and that will pop-up a Window as below...
Change the location Type: UNC Path

Location Details:
  • Enter the URI for baseline : D:\HP_Service_Pack_for_Proliant_2014.06.0_784915_0 01_spp_2014.06.0-SPP2014060.2014_0618.4\hp\swpackages
  • Provide username and password

And click ADD..

10.Afer adding it will come back to Baseline Library and on the right side corner there will a drop down Window , click on it and that will say Inventory is in progress and after sometime Inventory completed as below and on the right side you will see the location a Baseline Library you just added..

11. Now we have completed adding Baseline Library .So all HP Servers will be scanned against the Baseline Pack we added.. So any new SPP we get we just follow the same process of adding the baseline Library and we can scan against the SPP to apply latest Firmware…

12. Click on the drop down on the HP Smart Update Manager and click on Servers..

13. Servers window will open as below, Click the drop down window

14. A window will open with the option to click Inventory the Local host.. or you can click on Action and click Inventory in there
Note: This Example I am showing how to update Firmware for the local host..

15. Inventory Window will open as below, Click on Baselines drop down option and you will see the Baseline we added above, just select it and click on Inventory...

16. You will see that the Inventory is in Progress and Local Server is been scanned against the NEW SPP BASELINE Pack…

17. After Inventory is complete you will see Review and Deploy Update option…

18. After you click (Review and deploy updates) a Deploy Window will Pop-up
Leave all as defaults expect the Reboot Option – change to If needed...

Click on ANALYSIS….

19. After Analysis Deploy Option will get enabled…

20. Click Deploy and it will go back to Servers webpage...
A Progress window can be seen when you click the Right side drop down menu
You can click the status to see all updates and if anything failed the reason for failure…

Will show you how to add a NEW Server which is on the Network, Scan and Update FIRMWARE:

  • Follow all the Steps as above till Step 13
  • Click ADD

  • ADD NEW pop up window will open...
Type: If it’s Windows, Select Window
Baseline: Click the Drop down and Select the baseline pack we added

  • After adding... Continue with Step 14...
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