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Tuổi 01-07-2014, 02:05 PM   #1
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Tích hộp Driver vào windows 2003 sử dụng Nlite
Tích hộp Driver vào windows 2003 sử dụng Nlite

nLite – Easily integrate drivers into Windows XP/Server 2003 install CDs

Using nLite, one can easily add drivers to the Windows installation CDs. This is particularly useful when installing Windows onto a RAID setup that requires a third-party RAID driver (press F6), but you don’t have a floppy drive from which to load the drivers.

__________________________________________________ _____________
Download nLite following the link at the bottom of this post and install it.
Copy the files from your Windows CD to somewhere locally or a server share.

Download/copy over the RAID drivers to another local location.
Start up nLite and follow the on-screen instructions, which involves either clicking next or browsing to the Windows location, the RAID drivers, a Service Pack if you want to add it, and any other settings.

At the end, you can burn your new CD directly or create an ISO, a very convenient way to end things. Let the burn/image creation proceed and soon you’ll have an updated, driver-loaded, unattended install CD that could save you tons of time in the long run.

__________________________________________________ _____________
You can use nLite to painlessly integrate drivers, slip-stream service packs, configure settings, and manage an “unattended” installation (configure all the settings so you don’t have to enter it each time, from Product Key to languages to time zones and users).
You can also use nLite to remove components from the Windows installation so you don’t have to uninstall them later, make the setup more secure, and make a smaller image. Just about all of the Windows components can be put on the chopping block to create your perfect install disk.

I was able to use this to solve a blue screen x07d error from popping up while trying to install Windows Server 2003 on a RAID setup without a floppy drive.

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